Truly, generative AI is changing the game, but as a company, how do you ensure that the gain in productivity or innovation you wish to obtain using advanced generative AI won’t be offset by the risks it could introduce, be legal, financial, or reputational?  Whether enterprises are using open-sources models or create their own AI models, there is a set of principles and techniques,  that can help business harvest the potential of AI, and make it enterprise ready. During this Round table Ann-Elise Delbecq and Hans Petter Dalen will introduce theses key factor to keep in mind :

  • Trust in an imperative in successfully using AI for business
  • Align with organizational goals and obtain buy in from business stakeholders
  • Ensure data readiness by building a robust information architecture with quality control measures and governance
  • Govern the end-to-end process from the birth of an idea, to infusing analytics into business processes

These factors will be discussed during this interactive round table with objective to build on each others expertise and learn how to operationalize AI and Generative AI projects to the enterprise needs.


Ann-Elise Delbecq, Data And AI Leader Northern and Central Europe, IBM
Ann-Elise is currently leading Data and AI Business Unit for Large Clients in the Northern, Central and Eastern Europe market. Previously she led the Data science and AI Elite team at IBM EMEA. She is focused on Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for IBM enabling clients to successfully apply Data Science and deploy governed, scalable, and resilient AI into business processes. Ann-Elise has wide industry experience, in sectors ranging from Telco to Finance. Ann-Elise holds a Master in Business Engineering and an advanced Master in Financial Economics (MS) from KU Leuven, Belgium, where she delivered a final dissertation on machine learning in the space of Fraud Detection.

Hans Petter (HP) Dalen, Sales Executive AI Governance for EMEA, IBM
HP is leading IBM’s AI Governance business in EMEA, providing clarity on how to implement and use AI responsibly. He has previously been leading IBM’s collaboration business as well as IBM’s business intelligence business in EMEA. With 23 years in IBM, HP has both broad and specialist knowledge in the transformational journey to become data driven and AI trustworthy.


Thursday 14th December 2023
9:30amWelcome and Introductions
9:50amWhat are the challenges most commonly faced in order to operationalize AI?
10:10amWould Generative AI help to speed up adoption of AI into your processes, and is your organization set up to govern it and limit potential risks?
10:30amWhich use case (business or IT) would benefit the most from AI innovations?
11:00amFinal thoughts and closing remarks
11:30amEvent close
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