The DACH Information Security Network will bring together information security leaders from the largest enterprises across the DACH region to network, share best practice and discuss the current and future pressures facing the industry as a whole in a private and discreet environment conducted under the Chatham House Rule.


The DACH Information Security Network enables CISOs, from the largest organisations in the DACH region, to discuss their current challenges, collaborate and share their experiences to maximise their security defence..

With the disruption to businesses during Covid-19, CISOs have had to adapt to new challenges. Hackers and their tactics have become more sophisticated and aggressive, with supply-chains being targeted, and with phishing emails being commonplace. Not only are CISOs having to adopt ways to strengthen security networks used at home but are having to consider long-term strategies to ensure employees are more security-minded so that security breaches can be swiftly isolated and rectified.

A shortage of skills in the IT department is often a problem that CISOs face, but there have been positive developments following transitions in ways of working. A more flexible working environment provides huge opportunities for recruiting and retaining future generations of cyber leaders.

CISOs representing many industries will gather to share their experiences and plans for dealing with challenges and mitigating risks in 2022 and beyond.

Time is maximised onsite through a combination of:

Topics covered

Adapting to the new way of work & maintaining optimal security

Protecting your data in multi-cloud environments

Measures you can take to mitigate, identify & respond to security breaches

Employing tools to stay ahead of regulatory changes

How you can effectively monitor & secure your customer applications

Discussing how the future modern technology, including AI & ML, will shape the future of cyber security

Third party risk management: Identifying vulnerabilities & enhancing your incident response capability

Embedding a long-term security culture to mitigate human error

The modern CISO: Driving organisational change through collaboration with the C-suite

Reimaging your security strategy to defend your organisation long-term

Best practises for privacy risk management

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