The Nordic CFO Network will explore the role of the CFO and how the modern Finance Leader can embrace new technologies and business models, contribute to strategy, drive transformation and growth as well as deliver value.


The role of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) is undergoing a transformation that demands a multifaceted approach to financial leadership. Finance executives are tasked with navigating a complex landscape, where traditional financial stewardship is just one facet of their responsibilities. In addition to financial strategy, CFOs must embrace technology, cybersecurity, and data analytics, while also addressing emerging priorities such as sustainability, ESG reporting, and climate risk. This is the diverse focus areas that CFOs must master in order to steer their organisations toward being resilient and financially sustainable in the ever evolving business landscape.

Time is maximised onsite through a combination of:


Harness AI & data analytics for financial optimization & efficient decision-making, ensuring a smooth digital transition

What you need to do to protect financial data against cyber threats & navigate data privacy regulations effectively.

What proactive risk management strategies are out there to navigate economic volatility & ensure financial stability.

Stay updated on evolving tax regulations & strategies to optimize tax efficiency while remaining compliant.

How to strengthen supply chain management and building contingency plans for business continuity.

Understanding talent acquisition, retention, & upskilling to build a high-performance finance team capable of innovation.

Learn effective communication strategies to build trust with investors and analysts, providing clear insights into financial performance and ESG efforts.

Conducting due diligence, financial modelling, & integration planning for successful M&A transactions.

How to optimize expenses, streamline procurement, & maintain cost efficiency in uncertain economic times.

Financial regulations & compliance requirements and ensuring effective risk mitigation.

Strategic investment in innovation & R&D to support long-term organizational growth.

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