Creating cutting edge marketing programs by implementing new technologies, data and insights is at the top of every CMO’s agenda. The CMO of the future will get closer to their customers than ever before, driving transformational change across their organisations through the use of Big Data, Customer Analytics as well as emerging technologies such as AI, IOT, and VR.

The CMO Network brings together the leaders in Marketing, Communications, Digital and Engagement from the largest enterprises globally to share best practice case studies, discuss the changes and opportunities facing the industry as well as to network with their peers in an intimate setting that is closed to the media and run under the Chatham House Rule.

Time is maximised onsite through a combination of:


Transforming customer experience in the digital age

Delivering meaningful marketing content

Managing customer relationships and expectations

The Future of Marketing

Can you maintain creativity in a data driven world?

How can you develop measurements for digital marketing?

Adapting to technology in marketing

Identifying how machine learning can optimise your marketing campaign

Case study: Creating disruption

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