The UK CIO Network gathers the UK’s most influential IT Leaders from the UK’s largest organisations to network, share best practice and discuss the upcoming challenges and opportunities arising from the latest technology in a private, closed door environment.


The pace of change in IT has long been a challenge for anyone responsible for delivering quality services and never more so than with the business challenges brought by COVID-19. The pandemic has created a need for fundamental change in the way business operate and the way IT supports it. Our success depends on our ability to rapidly adapt the new working environment.

There is a clear divergence between companies that are adopting innovative technologies and those with encumbering legacy systems.

The most effective transformation heads are leading their organisations into an agile technology age, quickly adapting and spearheading innovation across the business. The most successful businesses are tackling technology adoption, interconnectivity, implementation and company culture.

Time is maximised onsite through a combination of:


Investigating how to effectively prove the business value of your team

How to lead in innovation with budget cuts

Risks and resolutions in cyber security

Lessons learnt from COVID 19: preparing IT infrastructure for future workplace disruptions

Overcoming the challenges of your legacy systems and incorporating new technology

Applying AI and innovative tools across your business models

Transforming customer experience through predictive analytics and technological transformation

How you can plug the skill gap in an undersupplied market

CIO’s role of educating the business

Managing company culture and developing skills in a time of technology transformation

Investigating the impact the cloud, AI and process automation is having on your business

How to maximise the immediate through IT, while maintaining agility for the future

Tool selection in an over saturated market, for the long and short-term

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