The UK Financial Services Information Security Network will bring together European information security leaders from retail banks, investment banks, exchanges, asset managers, hedge funds and payment service providers to network, share best practice and discuss the current and future pressures facing the industry as a whole in a private and discreet environment conducted under the Chatham House Rule.


As the frequency and sophistication of cyber aggression towards financial services continues to increase and with an ever expanding network of connected devices, driven by disruptive technologies, the challenge of keeping the organisation protected and ensuring that business requirements are met is becoming an increasingly difficult task.

Coupled with an increasingly demanding regulatory landscape, the CISO has to rethink the way data is governed, reported and utilised internally in order to remain competitive as well as avoid costly penalties and protect the brand in the eyes of the public and shareholders. GDPR is having a profound effect on the industry and many CISOs feel that their current systems and processes are just not up to the task.

Humans remain the weakest link in the chain as CISOs battle to unlock the power of a security conscious engaged workforce that operates in a collaborative manner to protect against Advanced Persistent Threats and devise, test and action a proactive incident response plan when news travels at the speed of light.

Security and Risk must be seen as a business issue and not just a problem IT has to solve – strengthening defence, developing risk management frameworks and positioning security within the organisation to ensure it starts at the top and encompasses the enterprise as a whole to achieve strategic goals.

Time is maximised onsite through a combination of:

Topics covered

Cyber Security 2019 and beyond

The CISO as a business leader and decision maker

Identifying the intelligence threat landscape

Perfecting Penetration Testing for optimal risk-assessment and follow through

Integrating CISO team with the wider business

Modernising threat intelligence to reach sophisticated analysis

Exploring hacking and security to determine if financial services can ever win against the fraudsters

Successfully meeting GDPR implementation date and continual compliance

Navigating conflicting and myriad regulatory regimes to ensure compliance across the board

The journey to becoming an agile and compliant company

Building a proactive cyber and information security workforce

Assurance in a Three Line Defence Model

Ensuring your third-party partners are not your weak link

Exploring more efficient strategies to vulnerability management and zero days

Balancing excitement around next-generation technology with security needs

Optimizing post-crisis communication for to ensure confidence from customers, board and regulators

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