Data and Analytics is propelling organisations into uncharted territories of data management, revolutionising how they harness information to bolster every facet of their operations. They not only empower businesses to scrutinise data for enhancing decisions and refining business processes but also unveil hidden realms of potential, where fresh business risks, challenges, and opportunities await discovery.


The most successful business transformation programmes are delivered when a data driven culture is embedded into business strategy. The more data driven your business is, the higher your ROI and performance will be.

This year’s edition of the Chief Data Officer Network brings together the most innovative Data Officers in the UK to share their insights and strategies to overcome challenges, gain advantages and plan for the future. Workshops will examine the latest technology and evaluate cutting edge tools to achieve your goals. Our proprietary peer-to-peer networking system (SNS) optimises your meeting time to ensure you meet the right people for benchmarking and networking over the 2 days.

Time is maximised onsite through a combination of:


Data humanisation – Ethical considerations for coherent team awareness

Foolproof data strategising – Envisioning an airtight data structure

Filtering out unnecessary dark data for a focussed retention of insights and opportunities

Adapting naturally to your myriad roles – Covering the core qualities of the operational CDO

Harness and Capitalise on the Power of Generative AI

Data Products – developing them to enable a competitive advantage

Providing visibility into business value creation

Creating a Data centric leadership culture

Develop and upskill data talent and literacy

The next steps for AI & ML – How far will we go in the employment of applied intelligence

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