Seeing the value of data is one thing, acting on it is another. To exploit the true value of your data and maximise your competitive advantage, data has to be brought in from the silos and processes across the enterprise need to be aligned.


The most successful business transformation programs are delivered when a data driven culture is embedded into business strategy. The more data driven your business is, the higher your ROI and performance will be.

This year’s edition of the Chief Data Officer Network brings together the most innovative Data Officers in the UK to share their insights and strategies to overcome challenges, gain advantages and plan for the future. Workshops will examine the latest technology and evaluate cutting edge tools to achieve your goals. Our proprietary peer-to-peer networking system (SNS) optimises your meeting time to ensure you meet the right people for benchmarking and networking over the 2 days.

Time is maximised onsite through a combination of:

Topics covered

Defining your core brand values to strengthen your marketing strategy

How Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising the marketing industry

Aligning thought leadership and content marketing in your strategy

Managing customer relationships and expectations

Justifying past budget commitments and proving return of investment

Transforming to drive value through customer experience

Investing in personalisation: Going beyond mass email marketing

Identifying how machine learning can optimise your marketing campaign

Implementing segmentation to target your marketing

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