The Network Group has established a reputation for high-quality c-suite level events that deal with topics of critical industry importance. We are also active in working closely with our clients and delegates to create intimate private meetings focussing on single-issue topics for commerce and industry. These are small, exclusive events, typically for up to 25 senior sector figures, generally held over a good meal in a prestigious venue.

These events are sponsored by a key player in a sector and attended by an industry expert to ensure that everyone attending will have a rewarding experience both in terms of peer interaction and issue debate and resolution.

If you would like to attend one or more of the events below, please get in touch. And contact us if you would like to discuss how we might arrange an event for you.

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The Network Group ensures the attendance of your principal peers in your sector and applies its expertise to deliver an experience that you will regard as time well invested.

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Are you ready for Finance Transformation?

Finance leaders in the 21st century are under increased pressure to become better partners. A recent global KPMG survey found that 72 percent of business leaders believe the role of finance leader was increasing in importance to the wider organisation. Despite this, many finance teams spend the vast majority of time managing and processing transactions to keep the ‘lights on’. Fold on top of this the necessary time to manage compliance and control requirements and you are left with very little time to answer those key questions from the business on how to steer the ship. ‘Where to go next?’, ‘what’s holding us back?’ and ‘where can we grow? That’s the reality of most finance teams that we speak to.

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The Current State of Innovation and Digital Transformation

We have a perfect storm of technology advancements that are disrupting industries more than ever before.
Whether Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Internet-of-Things, Digitisation or Cloud, companies that don’t invest in innovation are being left behind.
What is your current-state of readiness to innovate and drive through digital transformation projects?

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Funny Business: How the first sitcom about information security changed employee behaviour around the world

Employees bemoan their Information Security, Compliance and GDPR training, and they ignore your internal communications. So what can you do? Sharing lessons learned in 25 years of using entertainment to educate employees and change behaviour, this event will demonstrate how contemporary marketing techniques, TV-style sitcoms and advertising campaigns can transform your internal awareness efforts

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Privacy Compliance on your Digital Journey

Cyberattacks abound in the digital age. Digital transformation and hybrid IT are pushing security perimeters off premises, into the cloud, and into the digital workplace. As a result, enforcing cybersecurity policies is more complex than ever. As organisations explore new ways of doing business, you need to balance risk with innovation.
The environment is creating a need for more advanced, predictive systems that are able to identify and mitigate attacks before they happen in place of preventive-only security solutions.

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Supply Chain Risk Workshop and Dinner

Increasingly the supply chain and third party suppliers also represent risk to organisations. In the always-on world of instant gratification a supply chain failure can be make or break for your business. Whether protecting against operational failure or cyber-attack, risk management in the supply chain is now also critical to protecting the bottom line.

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The Next Generation of Financial & Insurance Services Through The Cloud

The FSI industry is facing its biggest disruption as maturing digital technologies have opened the doors to an unprecedented wave of innovation. Those who are able to take advantage of these technologies, including newer Fintechs/Insurtechs, are poised to be more agile and gain market share. It's a race to the top!

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GDPR – Roundtable and Lunch

Increasingly, governments across the globe are creating guidelines for data protection and cybersecurity compliance and the requirement of personal data management.The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force in May 2018 and represent the most significant change to data privacy regulations for twenty years. You may think you’re ready for this, but covered companies may need to improve the security of personal data they hold, and of their networks and information systems.

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Business Defence Roundtable and Dinner

Combatting Financial Crime through data sharing

Why attend: Join 15 senior business professionals and Compliance experts to learn more about how they are joining data siloes to address investigator efficiency. Be better informed about the value of national intelligence sharing initiatives.

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EU GDPR Workshop & Dinner

The upcoming EU GDPR is introducing the most significant changes in data protection legislation in the last five decades and this Workshop will provide delegates the tools they need to safeguard and future-proof their organisation.

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Business Defence – Roundtable and Dinner

Debunking cloud security myths

Why attend: Join 15 CISOs and IT Security Directors and cloud security experts BAE Systems to share and learn more about which services they are moving to the cloud and why. Be better informed about the security challenges of cloud adoption and how to address them. Find out how your colleagues make risk-management decisions on cloud adoption.

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