In a world where digitalisation and connectivity are paramount, CISOs need to tackle new frontiers, reinventing their legacy cyber security frameworks as they go. A global economy has meant that CISOs need to ensure they can meet ever-changing, overlapping regulatory standards, and comply and protect their businesses in the best way they can.

CISOs are experiencing higher demands in these evolving environments, where they collaborate with new stakeholders, from engineering team to the CEO. Cybersecurity is no longer just an issue to be dealt with by the IT experts, as Board members now recognise the impact of security across the wider business.

Businesses adjusting to the future of WFH has meant CISOs particularly focusing on mitigating human error. There has never been a better time to increase long-term awareness, by shifting from the conventional ways to more creative training programs, maintaining employee visibility through innovative technology for the monitoring and enhancement of security networks.


The Nordic Information Security Network enables CISOs, from the largest organisations in the Nordic region, to discuss their current challenges, collaborate and share their experiences to maximise their security defences.

As hackers develop more sophisticated attacks, CISOs have had to adapt to new challenges, including phishing emails, ransomware incidents and vulnerabilities of supply chains being exploited. Not only are CISOs having to adopt ways to strengthen security networks in all working environments, but they are also having to consider longer-term strategies to ensure employees are more security-minded so that security breaches can be swiftly isolated and rectified.

As CISOs continue to develop the skills and abilities of their teams, recruitment and retention strategies are still required to strengthen the capabilities of their security workforces.

CISOs representing many industries will gather at the Scandic Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark to share their experiences and plans for dealing with challenges and mitigating risks in 2024 and beyond.

Time is maximised onsite through a combination of:


Partnering with your CCO to better understand business aims and obstacles

Re-evaluating strategies for company-wide clarity in the fight against systemic invasion

Setting values for a security-conscious workforce

Hands-on team building for future organisational security

Building an industry-leading security culture through staff retainment and training

Intimate manoeuvring of company goals to maintain live business monitoring

Hybridising the role of CISO

Condensing your SOC

Pondering the state of information security and where it may be headed

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