The UK CFO Network will explore the new paradigm of the role of the CFO and how the modern Finance Leader can embrace new technologies and business models, contribute to strategy, drive transformation and growth as well as deliver value


The CFO is still under pressure to safeguard the organisation, as well as find new opportunities and accelerate growth. The remit is expanding and the CFO will have to manage organisational culture, influence the board, transform digital strategy, mitigate risk and seize opportunity in uncertain economic times.

Successful CFOs are using a number of tools and approaches to navigate this new environment. Effectively managing and cultivating talent, creating a corporate culture that promotes growth, protecting the company from external risks and attacks, utilising emerging and disruptive technologies such as Big Data, ensuring compliance in a cost effective manner; all while mastering the cutting edge disciplines needed for the CFO of today and tomorrow. The CFO can secure the future of the organisation, drive purpose led transformation and thrive where others fail..

Time is maximised onsite through a combination of:


The rise of the operational CFO

Overcoming the big data challenge to boost the finance function

Guide to growing a multi-billion company

Embracing transformative role in the growing digital era

Rising to the challenges of modern day finance

The relationship between the CFO and CEO– the ultimate partnership

Overview of Britvic’s financial transformation

Driving strategic transformation of the finance team with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Challenging the implementation of Blockchain into your organisation – what can it bring?

Exploring the skills needed for the future finance professional

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