CMOs of the future are looking for ways to create hyper-personalized customer content, journeys and experiences that fortify their brand and foster unwavering loyalty. Growth is the goal, but with constant change in the marketing, media, and tech landscape the battle is an uphill one – we aim to help smooth that journey.


Today’s CMOs are the arrowhead of business growth strategies and those at the forefront understand technology is no longer a mere luxury –– it’s an essential component of successful marketing. As champions of the customer, CMOs are pulled in all sorts of directions. They are overseeing efforts to drive both brand and demand and are responsible for orchestrating numerous, impactful touchpoints throughout the entire customer journey. But just like their C-suite counterparts, marketing executives are grappling with soaring costs and economic uncertainty.

The UK CMO programme aims to alleviate the load on a CMOs back by bringing together strategic level leaders in the marketing world, from the largest, and most influential enterprises globally, to share best case and benchmark with peers and competitors whilst meeting the most progressive solution providers in the industry.

Time is maximised onsite through a combination of:


Staying Credible with Customers

Impact of AI in marketing

Doing more with less

The rise of video marketing in a personalised world

Utilising social media to elevate brand awareness

Fighting through the noise with programmatic marketing

Personalising touchpoints throughout the entire customer journey

A hybrid working environment: How can you maintain employee communication & engagement?

Best practices in how to turn your data into actionable results

Implementing innovative technology to increase customer engagement

B2B VS B2C – What can we learn from each other

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