Today’s procurement professionals oversee global ecosystems that are opaque, dynamic, and difficult to manage.  These complex systems are impacted by a seemingly unending array of disruptions, which is elevating supply chain risk management to become a top priority for many executives.  Starting, running, and improving effective supply chain risk management programs requires the concerted efforts of supply chain, procurement, risk management, and technical resources.  During our roundtable, we will be enabling an open conversation around the following:

·        What does effective cross-functional engagement in a supply chain risk management program entail?

·        How do organizations ‘right size’ their supply chain risk programs?

·        How do you measure a supply chain risk program?

·        What are the best practices for these programs?

·        What must be avoided in order to improve the probability of success?


Dr. Tim White – Industry Principal, Interos

Tim White has worked for over 20 years in operational and consulting roles for global companies such as Raytheon, Bechtel, Honeywell, and Deloitte & Touche. His primary focus has been on working with suppliers and supplier management organizations to deliver technical solutions in high consequence environments.
At Interos, Tim works with customers to deploy leading supply chain risk management approaches into daily use. He primarily engages with large, multinational customers with complex operations who are seeking to transition their operating processes to more data-centric approaches.
Tim holds a B.S., an M.S. and a Ph.D. in engineering and an MBA. He is certified in Six Sigma, Root Cause analysis, and Change Leadership.


Tuesday 20th June 2023
10amWelcomes and Introduction
11:00amEvent close
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