One thing unites the CISO, the Compliance Officer and the Privacy Officer; They need to learn how to sell. Employees view training in all of these areas as onerous, time consuming and even patronising. It just gets in the way of the day-to-day work. Like young offenders cleaning out a canal somewhere, they begrudgingly plod through the auto-response clicks on multiple choice CBT modules, whilst their bad habits continue to put their company’s reputations at risk. We can do better. At this event we will look at:

• How we can bring context to the training using entertainment
• How we can create a culture of compliance
• How we’ll know we’ve made a difference in the workforce
• What we’ve learned from Marketing professionals about engagement
• Allocating the right talents to the communications challenge
• What happens when we start the right kind of conversations?
• How our employees can truly become the solution rather than the problem?

The Information Security, Compliance or Privacy Department is often seen as an obstacle. Enlightened managers know that they are enablers of the business, but it’s a tough sell, especially from the department that forces you to change your password every 90 days. Let’s face it, we have an image problem too.

As an antidote to the usual animated graphics and cartoons popular with trainers everywhere, this session will discuss all of the above and more, plus we’ll hear how one of the world’s largest ad agencies does it with style. With any luck, we might even eat our own dog food and give you an evening’s entertainment too!

Your delegate package includes:

  • Comprehensive event documentation – including option to download presentations from our secure website
  • Presentation, panel discussion and roundtable
  • Free product resources
  • Drinks reception on arrival
  • Gourmet 3-course dinner and drinks

Ticket Price: VIP Complimentary


Wednesday 21st February 2018
Wednesday 21st February 2018
18:00Welcome drinks
18:45Introduction - Jim Shields – Creative Director & Founder of Twist & Shout Media

From Awareness to Engagement. What marketers can teach us about employee engagement.
19:15Thom Langford – Infosec Blogger & Global CISO, Publicis

Getting Clever with Creatives. How I got through to the toughest audience around.
21:00Panel Q&A – What works, what doesn’t. No one size fits all.
21:30Episode Screening - A sneaky peek at Season 5, The New 2018 GDPR Privacy series, and Tuesdays With Bernie Season 5 & 6.
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