Data center operations represent the single biggest source of costs and enterprise-wide energy consumption for most large organizations. Data center facilities consume between 10 and 50 times the energy per floor space of a typical commercial office building. As a result, server consolidation and centralization have emerged as increasingly attractive options for accomplishing these twin objectives of cost and emission reduction.

Over the course of this executive discussion, we will explore:

  • The strategic role data center consolidation and rationalization can play in reducing enterprise costs and environmental impact.
  • The operational options and alternatives for achieving consolidation without compromising performance.
  • The investments in talent, technology, and partnerships needed to effectively reduce carbon footprint without sacrificing performance;
  • How modern platforms that accommodate today’s hybrid-cloud infrastructures – such as IBM LinuxONE – can be harnessed to ensure short, mid and long-term cost and sustainability objectives


Roger W Rogers, Principal IT Economics Specialist, IBM IT Economics, Americas

Monte Bauman, IBM LinuxONE Solution Architect


Wednesday 19th July 2023
1:30Welcome and introductions
1:40State of infrastructure consolidation, hybrid cloud adoption, and cloud repatriation strategies today
1:55Key issues – and challenges – that enterprise technology leaders encounter as they move forward with server consolidation strategies and making the infrastructure more green
2:10Tying cost-reduction to green-IT initiatives and objectives
2:25Outcomes that enterprise leaders can expect from a cost and emissions reduction perspective
2:40Closing and next steps
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