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So You Have A Customer Experience Program, Now What?

You’re measuring the customer experience, your competitors are measuring it... everybody’s measuring it!

True CX leadership isn’t about running a measurement program, but comes down to embedding CX across the company, and leading an organization-wide effort to measure, analyse and act on customer feedback.

But how do you do it? How to get everyone - from the c-suite to the front lines - to buy in? And how do you lead an organization-wide effort to deliver breakthrough experiences for your customers?

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The business balancing act: user experience and security

Logging in is such a common process, it’s easy to take for granted. However, that entry point to your application or service is also when organisations become responsible for the digital identities of the user. And with the increase in innovation, and use of technology to deliver products and services, there is an explosion in the number of sources from which users can gain access. Overlaying all of that, is the constant evolution of the threat landscape and regulations that inevitably follow.

Tech leaders who want to grow their position in the market must balance two goals: delivering security and customer experience. Join us for a roundtable to learn how to master this balancing act with identity.

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Is a Next-Generation Secure Web Gateway the answer to securing today’s Internet use?

Today's Internet is very different from the 1990s when SWGs were first implemented. Back then it was all about websites - today it's all about cloud. Around 85% of an enterprise's Internet traffic is typically to cloud services, and this is why CASB must be implemented inline alongside SWG. And since cloud can significantly increase the risk of data exfiltration, DLP is the obvious addition to a unified platform. This roundtable will explore the evolution of the Internet from web to cloud, the arrival of cloud-based threats, and the cloud-enabled risks to your data.

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Achieving cloud security excellence in UK Financial Services by addressing open-source codes risks in the developer pipeline

We invite you to join your industry peers at this roundtable discussion event hosted by Trend Micro. We hope you can join this discussion on how to achieve cloud security excellence and minimize risks in your organisation by addressing security earlier in the development process, the developer stack and into run-time hybrid cloud environments. All within an intimate setting that is closed to the media and run under the Chatham House Rule.

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