The Benelux CFO Network will explore the new paradigm of the role of the CFO and how the modern Finance Leader can embrace new technologies and business models, contribute to strategy, drive transformation and growth as well as deliver value


In recent years, the role of the CFO has had to evolve and adapt in response to new financial regulations, workforce skills shortages, and increasingly sophisticated fraud attacks. As finance departments continue to incorporate digital innovation, new approaches are required to become more efficient, flexible and solutions focused. It is important that CFOs become strategic business partners and enable sustainable growth by investing in the latest technologies including big data analysis, artificial intelligence, and cloud infrastructure.

With economic uncertainty and unpredictable markets, it is essential CFOs equip themselves with the right tools to reduce expenses, increase margins and stimulate growth. As new regulations change the way businesses operate, finance departments are under pressure to adopt new strategies to not only ensure compliance with financial standards, but also create competitive advantages. The CFO can secure the future of the organisation, drive purpose-led transformation, and thrive where others fail.

Time is maximised onsite through a combination of:


Fine-Tuning Your Financial Strategy In a Post-COVID Landscape

The New Era Of Transparent Finance

Sustainable Finance Practices

Green Data Liaisons

Partnering to drive change in the company’s cultural dynamic

Generation Management 101

Predicting and preparing for the next global crisis

Silo Demolition Squad

The advent of the Virtual CFO

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