The requirements and pressures on modern packaging are changing. Packaging in FMCG, Food & Drink and Retail is having to become more intelligent, versatile, sustainable and creative; as well as instantly communicate information about the product and brand in order to drive company growth

The Network Group pan-European event is for Senior Directors involved in packaging and its various disciplines to understand and solve these challenges by hearing relevant case studies, share best practice and hear from some of the cutting edge branding, materials, technology and innovation providers


The Network Group’s unique position in facilitating these top level discussions ensures all participants gain unparalleled access to the true thought leaders and solution providers.

Time is maximised onsite though a combination of:

Topics covered

The millennials and future trends for packaging

The category strategy as drive for packaging strategy

Consumer led innovation

Digital packaging from a healthcare/consumer healthcare focus

Deliberating the impact Brexit will have on the packaging industry

Consumer-centric pack innovation within a holistic framework

The realities and challenges of circular economy

Maintaining barrier functionality and sustainability with your packaging

Creating an innovative environment to encourage new ideas

Optimising the printing process of your package

Case study: Discovering the story behind the new Fanta bottle

Discussing the skill gap and how to overcome it

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