While digital transformation fuels the focus for investment, information security is evolving faster than ever before. The workforce is becoming more tech savvy, new and disruptive technologies are reaching maturity, rapid growth in cloud adoption as well as increased 3rd party vendor relationships; the modern CISO must be a business leader, enabler and partner to the enterprise.

In addition to the ever changing issues around governance and compliance, organisations are falling victim to increasingly sophisticated threat campaigns. With the EU GDPR deadline drawing closer, it’s a balancing act for a CISO of today to protect data and manage vulnerability whilst under unprecedented scrutiny to overcome regulation; what systems to use and what resource to allocate without detriment or burden to the other.


The Network Group’s unique position in facilitating these top level discussions ensures all participants gain unparalleled access to the true thought leaders and solution providers.

Time is maximised onsite though a combination of:

Topics covered

Investigating future threats: what is coming next?

Exploring the cloud and Information Security

Exploring procedures to minimise the effects of cyber attacks

Creating a strategy to monitor third party activity

Deciphering an effective strategy to operationalise threat intelligence

Adopting a cost-effective method for monitoring cyber hygiene

Analysing the best incidence response strategy for a security breach

Making the internet of things safe

Information security and technology: discovering how machines can help your security

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