The need for sustainability in business has never been higher, investors, consumers, employees, and governments are demanding more transparent action. 80% of CEOs expect sustainability investments to improve business results within the next 5 years. Simultaneously, today’s top three business risks are relating to the environment. Technology plays an integral role in accelerating the journey to net zero by creating more accurate and refined operational processes while reducing unnecessary waste, driving better sustainability and business outcomes.

To thrive in a sustainable world, leaders must define ESG goals, establish clear baseline, and operationalize sustainability goals. Together, we’ll discuss the role technology plays in ESG reporting and how to turn your sustainability ambition into action.

This roundtable will focus on

  • What are the primary sustainability/ESG goals your company is pursuing and why are they material to your business or industry?
  • What are some key challenges your company is facing regarding your ESG goals?
  • Software plays a key role in solving complex problems today, how are you approaching new/existing IT related to sustainability? What tech are you leveraging?
  • How do you currently collect, measure, and report your ESG data?
  • What is the most carbon intensive aspect of your operations and supply chain?
  • Does your organization have a detailed decarbonization strategy? Are you confident your organization will meet their net-zero targets?


Joe Baker, Senior Sustainability Specialist, IBM
Amira Alfa, Senior Sustainability Specialist, IBM


Tuesday 1st August 2023
3pmWelcome and Introductions
4pmFinal thoughts and closing remarks
4:30pmEvent close
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