Over 34% of IT budget is currently being spent on Digital and this figure set to rise to 44% next year. This shift in focus creates both challenges to traditional ways of working but also opportunities to create competitive advantage, seize new markets, improve efficiency and engage customers.

In an increasingly diverse and competitive world, the speed for change and evolution is what will define the leaders of tomorrow. For Digital Transformation to be successful, it has to be ingrained in the company at every level and become part of the DNA. The successful transformation projects will be those which focus on their integration as well as the implementation of new technology.

Time is maximised onsite though a combination of:

  • Keynote Presentations
  • Workshops
  • Interactive discussion groups
  • Pre-arranged one-to-one meetings
  • Strict attendance qualification
  • Quality networking sessions

Topics covered

  • Digital transformation and the business
  • Customer centric transformation
  • Communicating the Digital journey
  • The customer experience and enabling new opportunities
  • Being an agent for change and achieving Digital excellence across the entire organisation
  • Building loyalty through the use of Digital
  • Driving cultural change to encourage units to work collaboratively to exploit the Digital capabilities
  • Future of the IT department
  • Rethinking the business and operating models to better support Digital

Designed exclusively for CIOs, CDOs and other C-Suite Digital Transformation Leaders from across the UK from the largest enterprises globally

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