The UK IT Transformation Network gathers the UK’s most innovative IT Leaders from the world’s largest organisations to network, share best practice and discuss the current and future challenges and opportunities arising from the latest technology in a private, closed door environment.


The level of change CIOs and those responsible for IT Transformation are now experiencing has reached an unprecedented level due to the pace of development within technology and customer expectations. There is now a clear divergence between companies that are building digital technologies into their DNA and those who still view transformation as an add-on to traditional models.

The most effective transformation heads are leading their organisations through a top down and bottom up approach, into an agile digital age, spearheading innovation across the business. The most successful businesses are tackling technology adoption, implementation and company culture with impressive results.

Time is maximised onsite through a combination of:

Topics covered

Investigating how to effectively prove the business value of your team

Overcoming the challenge of leading innovation with budget cuts

Transforming customer experience through predictive analytics

GDPR—so what? There’s more trouble on the horizon

Attracting and retaining high quality tech talent in an over saturated market

CIO’s new role of teaching the business to speak tech

Preparing for a new generation and designing a modern IT workplace

Investigating the impact Shadow IT is having on your business

Balancing the strategic horizon with ‘keeping the lights on’

Investigating CIOs pivotal role to improving the customer experience

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